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FMS 1500mm (59.1") P-47 Razorback Bonnie PNP
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After two-years of numerous flying tests and continuous improvements, the eagerly anticipated 1500mm P-47, is coming! The 1500mm P-47 features many new and innovative features over the original 1400mm P-47.

The new P-47 shows great detail by including 99% scaled control surface, landing gear cover, cockpit interiors, plastic cowling, gun turrets, retracted landing gear, and panel lines.

The original oil paint has been replaced by the latest environmental water-based paint. The water-based paint is environmental-friendly, and is designed to protect the foam parts under any condition. Additional structural changes include the lighter and larger EPO 52 foam, this change alleviates the airplane weight for an impressive flight performance, without weakening the airplane strength. The new CNC processed shock-absorbed front landing gear effectively helps to withstand those less than perfect landings. The control horn now adopts the new ball link design which helps provide a more accurate flight. The new 4258 KV460 motor coupled with our Predator high quality 70A ESC completes a stronger more powerful system. All servos are now metal gear digital servos. Furthermore, this 1500mm P-47 adopts the latest 2016 FMS electric retract. The 2016 FMS electric retract gets a commendable upgrade on both appearance and performance.

The P-47 has a lot of new customer-friendly features based on easy of assembly and transportation by eliminating the wiring problems. All channels on each wing are brought together in a fuselage to wing port. To complete installing the main wing set simply inserting the wing port into the fuselage half, then fixing the wing with four screws.

The new P-47 is far more than a RC model, it is a great new addition to your RC Warbirds collection. If you like RC Warbirds, the 1500mm P-47 is a typical one that you cannot miss.


  • Super high scale detail throughout.
  • Scaled flaps, landing gear cover, cockpit interiors, plastic cowling, gun turrets, skin line.
  • Environmental water-based paint.
  • New lighter EPO52 foam
  • Shock absorbing metal oleo landing gear struts
  • Retractable tail wheel with metal trunnion
  • The retracts are the new 2016 design and are specifically developed for this plane
  • Screw in servo pockets. 
  • Single connector on both wings for easy assembly and disassembly
  • LED set
  • Scale pilot
  • Almost no glue (but antenna, machine gun) 
  • Bearings in wheel hub for better performance
  • Nylon hinge material on control surfaces
  • Ball links control horns on all control surfaces
  • Wing spar in main wings strengthen the airplane
  • Slide out battery tray for easy battery changes
  • Metal digital servo throughout for outstanding control effect and stable flying performance
  • 4258 KV460 motor with Predator high-quality 70A ESC


Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Wingspan 1500mm/59.0in
Overall Length 1270mm/50.0in
Flying Weight Around 3700g
Motor Size Brushless 4258-KV460
Servo 17g metal digital x 6, 9g metal digital x 3
Radio 6 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 90-95mm (From Leading Edge)
Prop Size 14*8, 4 blades
Recommended Battery Li-Po 22.2V 5000mAh 35C
Aileron Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Retracts Yes
Approx. Flying Duration 5 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level Intermediate
Recommended Environment Outdoor
Assembly Time 30 minutes
Is Assembly Required Yes
Material Durable EPO
Package Options PNP
Requires PNP Requires Radio System, Battery and Charger

I recently bought the FMS 1500mm P-47 Razorback from HH. This is a very nice model but, the wheels don't spin freely as advertised. I phoned HH and complained about this. They sent me a new set of wheels and struts. Only one worked freely. What now? Also, the wings do not seat fully into the fuselage. I've pushed them in as far as they can go without damaging the appearance of the wing. The electric connectors seem to be working, but the wings still flex because the fiberglass wing spars are a smaller diameter than the holes in the fuselage. This could result in a catastrophic failure of one or more of the electrical systems while in a a dive pull-out, loop or roll. I still haven't maidened this model yet because of weather conditions in the Pacific northwest.
I cannot say enough about this plane. I picked it up during the FMS Cyber Week Sale and I am so glad I did! I have a soft spot for the P-47, as it was my first warbird (as I am sure it was for many of us).
This planes spares no expense when it comes to detail. I love the ordinance that is included, along with the navigation lights. I do wish they had included landing lights as well; like they did on the 1400 and 1700mm Corsair. The landing gear covers and shock-absorbing trunnions are also great features.
In regards to flying, it is a pussy cat with the heart of a tiger. It is super stable, tracks beautifully and settles in nicely for landings. If you want to open it up and let it run, you also have loads of speed and power, however. It is plenty fast for my needs and I love how "relaxing" it is to fly. It is now of of my go-to planes when I am at the field: I can use it as a warm up plane before I fly more difficult plane, but it is also a blast when you wring it out.
This plane is another example of why FMS is one of my favourite RC plane companies. If you are on the fence about buying this one, jump down and buy it! You won't be disappointed.
I already had a smaller P-47 (ParkZone) but I decided to buy this one due to the superb landing gear and wing connection system.
Once you learn to fly and you don´t usually break your models you want to have more detailed planes and you don't worry too much about more fragile landing gears (due to more scale building).
The plane is what you´re waiting for after reading reviews. Good quality, very detailed, smart wing connections, very scale and effective surfaces hinge system, huge inside room (although my HK Graphene 5000mAh 6s Batt almost doesn't fit!). I exchanged ESC connector to XT-90 (to fit the battery stock one).
The only thing that disappointed me was a mistake on the included wing bombs supports. Both of them were right side, so I had to modify one of them to adapt the angle for the left side (they don´t fit 90º to the bottom of the wing).
It flies really well. I was surprised how long you can last with a single 5000 mAh batt! (you can easily fly for 12 minutes with 30% power left!).
Flaps slow the plane down a lot for soft landings but, opposite to P-40B for instance, flap servos are NOT slow servos, so I had to buy a sequencer to slow down flap´s motion. I cannot understand this (P-40B is an "older" release and does include slow servos).
I had to adjust a bit the wires for the landing gear lids in order them to close perfectly (they were a bit opened when landing gear up).
Rudder doesn't move a lot (even choosing the inner horn hole) but enough for normal flight.
I always equip all my favorite planes with EagleTree guardian, and I recommend it to all of you. You can almost fly handless and landings are a breeze.
Rockets, bombs and fuel tank are well secured when flying but also very easy to remove. You can take off and land with tank on in grass (I though it was gonna rub against ground to much, but you can easy compensate with a little up elevator). Rockets and bombs doesn't affect flight but I found it does the tank (just a little, when crossed wind).
I would buy more FMS planes If not for the high customs taxes when imported to Spain, that increase the overall price for 20-25%.
Right out of the box this plane is impressive in both size and looks. Easy assembly and fly's like a trainer.........unless you throttle up and it even gets better. Gear has been perfect except for that little wire holding the gear doors. Replaced both with a little heavier wire and all is well. Could not be happier.
I was sent one of these plane by FMS a while back to review and express my feeling on it.

In my opinion this plane is outstanding in both it's appearance and flying characteristics. The flying characteristics are smooth, graceful, predictable, and is very easy to handle for anyone with low wing warbird taildragger experience. The 6S power setup gives this plane plenty of power with extra to spare.

Though I would have prefered to see this plane molder with the older style EPO40 instead of the newer EPO52 it is still a gorgeous and well mannered model that will give any pilot endless hours of pleasurable flying enjoyment.

I highly recommend this model to any warbird fan.

Brandon Moon
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What is the battery connector? EC3, EC5?
18 days ago by Watt

It is XT60 plug.

by FMS 16 days ago 0

Will the FMS Predator Motor 4250 KV580 /1400mm Zero/ BF109/ FW190 fit the FMS 1500mm P-47 Razorback Bonnie PNP?
1 years and 7 months ago ago by Wildman

Can I buy just the right retract rather than both left & right as a pair. I only want 1 retract. Why do you do this when no one else does? If you don't change, Freewing will be happy to help us.
1 years and 9 months ago ago by Don

Hi Don,

If you are unable to find the parts you need in our website, please kindly send an email to our customer service(

by Silvia 1 years and 8 months ago ago 0

You included a Q&A section in your website, so why don't you answer any of the questions we care to send you !!! This is not either decent or proper !!!
2 years and 5 months ago ago by Moury

Hi Moury. We are really sorry for missing your question. If you have any question in the future. You can email us ( We will reply you asap.

by Silvia 2 years and 2 months ago ago 0

what is the size of the box, thanks
2 years and 6 months ago ago by alex

Do you have a "Kit" version of this model, only the body and retracts ?
2 years and 6 months ago ago by Moury

Hi Moury. We only sell PNP in our website. If you need the KIT and the retracts. You can email us(

by FMS 2 years and 2 months ago ago 0

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