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FMS 1700mm (66.9") F7F Tigercat Blue PNP
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Notice: All F7F(from the first batch of production) are with counter rotating propellers.

After almost two years development, numerous tests and improvements, we have reproduced the classical highly anticipated F7F! FMS 1700mm Tiger Cat is coming!

 The FMS 1700mm Tiger Cat pools the best structural features from FMS’ classic works. It adopts the popular quick and easy assembly and disassembly structure. Screws can do all assembly and disassembly work. In addition, with the latest multi-connect technology, FMS has streamlined the wing system, eliminating the wiring problems, and making it easier to install and dismantle in a short time. The well-designed battery compartment makes full use of airframe space, allowing for higher-storage batteries and more flying choices.

 FMS’ warbirds are always attractive, no matter from the perspective of scaled appearance, or from excellent performance. This also applies to the Tiger Cat.

 The Tiger Cat features the latest locked-rotor mode E-retract system with overcurrent protection, the refined scaled CNC-processed metal landing gear set (Certainly the most notable feature is that this is the most accurately scaled landing gear set we have ever created) for resisting those not-too-perfect landings, a 62mm diameter front wheel and 84mm diameter rear wheels for taking off and landing on both paved and grass surfaces. The power system utilizes twin 4250-KV440 outrunner motors, twin 60A ESC (with 10A UBEC), providing surging power for scaled aerial combat maneuvers when coupled with a 6S 5000mAh 45C battery.

 The Tiger Cat has the most scaled appearance, with scaled plastic parts throughout the body, e.g. landing gear door, cowl, artificial engine, and machine guns... Couple that with the detailed all-around rivets, panel lines, pilot figure, high bright LED lamps, a CNC-processed shock-absorbed metal landing gear set, the Tiger Cat is reproduced flawlessly. Moreover, 4 set decals in the package (blue color scheme only) allow you to make your own Tiger Cat and stand out in your airfield

 It is more than an RC model. It is one for the collectors. Go get the FMS 1700MM “Tiger Cat” to experience its magnificence.

 Key Features:

1.Powerful twin KV440 motors with twin Predator 60A ESC (with 10A UBEC)

2.The most accurately scaled landing gear set we have ever created

3.Super high-scale detail throughout:

  • Scaled CNC-processed metal landing gear set
  • Pilot figure
  • Panel lines and all-around rivets…
  • high-brightness LED set

4.The latest locked-rotor mode E-retract with overcurrent protection

5.Metal digital servos for excellent controlling capacity

6.Multi-connector for one-step installation

7.Screw-together construction

8.A 62mm diameter front wheel and 84mm diameter rear wheels for taking off and landing on both paved and grass surfaces.

9.Large bearings in wheel hub for better performance

10.Button Type canopy hatch

11.Large battery compartment

12.Four set decals for DIY (blue color scheme only), to be different.

Additional Information

Wingspan 1700mm/ 66.9in
Overall Length 1,484mm/ 58.4in
Flying Weight Around 5200g
Motor Size Brushless 4250-KV440 x 2
ESC 60A*2 with 10A UBEC
Servo 7 x 13g Analog metal digital, 3 x 17g Digital metal digital
Radio 6 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 70-80mm (from leading edge)
Prop Size 14*8, 3 blades propeller
Recommended Battery Li-Po 22.2V 5000mAh 45C
Aileron Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Retracts Yes
Approx. Flying Duration No
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level Intermediate
Recommended Environment Outdoor
Assembly Time 30 minutes
Is Assembly Required Yes
Material Durable EPO
Package Options PNP
Requires PNP Requires Radio System, Battery and Charger

FMS has really stepped up it's game with this beautiful bad boy and it is absolutely a dream of an airplane. You definitely won't be disappointed in it's appearance, scale details, and flight performance.

I have been doing some early Beta testing and R&D feedback for on the early sample sent to me a few months ago on this airplane in the "La Patrona" livery and Blue "Here Kitty Kitty" livery. I am astounded in what they've been able to do with a foam airplane and remarkable beautifully engineered set of all CNC aluminum scale working retracts and struts for this plane. This new FMS version F7F Tigercat has set the bar and demonstrates a high standard of excellence. This plane is easy and stable to fly and handles nicely, with an easy 6 to 8 minutes of flying possible on a 6s 30c (+) 6000 to 8000mAh lipo which is what I have been using during flight test. This plane also has some of the sturdiest and most scale like landing gear, All CNC aluminum, I've ever seen on a foam airplane. It is a remarkable testament to the outstanding engineering that went into this plane.

I highly recommend any warbird fan to add one of these to their collection. This is my new "Always and the field" plane whenever I'm out flying.

Brandon Moon
The model arrived well packed, but there was already damage from the factory. When the fuselage was placed into the foam packing, one nose-leg gear door had caught the foam and had been ripped off. After sending pictures to FMS, they sent a new set of doors.
I found a few other minor issues. The stabilizers slide onto 2 CF tubes and into a plastic recess. Unfortunately on one stab, it looks like the tube mounts were not fitted exactly in line. The result was I had to push the stab onto the tubes and also twist it slightly to fit into the recess.
The other minor issue was the nose art. This is a water slide decal and the instructions call for it to be placed on the fus and left for 24hrs. After this, the protective layer can be peeled off. Unfortunately each time i tried, the decal would peel off as well, so I left it in place.
The control surface links are factory fitted, but they must be adjusted to get the surfaces aligned.
CoG was done with the battery all the way forward (6S 5800mA 30C weighs 789g). Takeoff was straightforward. The model climbed away very scale like. The gear sequence is very scale and takes 3-4 seconds to fully retract. Once in level flight, I found I needed about 4 clicks of down elevator. Pulling the power back, the model seems comfortable at about 1/2 - 3/4 throttle. A stall with full flap saw the model mush with no wing drop. The model certainly feels heavy in flight, but rolls were respectable and loops were done with no signs of sagging at the top. Definitely no slouch in the power department. Inverted needed a small amount of down elevator to maintain level flight. Flap deployment saw the model balloon slightly until the speed reduced. No flap - elevator mix added. There was a 5-8kph crosswind, so the landing speed was probably quicker than it could be, but touchdown was fine with the sprung u/c absorbing the weight. First flight was 5 minutes and there was still 55% in the pack. When I looked at the elevator trim, it actually appeared more in line with the stab, so the balance seems to be about right, although I could probably move the battery back a little.
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Most Recent Questions
Throttle leads go to Y harness in fuselage which I plugged into receiver. What do I do with the plug for the UBEC as I have a 6 channel receiver and all channels are taken
8 months ago by Bill

Can i order motor mount and c clip for front landing gear.FMS 1700mm tigercat
9 months ago by robert

Hi Robert,

If you can not find the parts you need in the website, please kindly contact to ask for help. :-)

by FMS 9 months ago 1

do the wing sets and horzintal stab sets come with the necessary tubes?
1 years and 3 months ago ago by Dano

Hi Dano,
The spare parts are not come with the tubes, need to buy separately.

by FMS 1 years and 3 months ago ago 1

Is the upgrade for more power ready yet ? Will that upgrade be ordered separate ?
1 years and 7 months ago ago by Nexstarpilot

Hi Nexstarpilot.
We are really sorry that the F7F has not been upgraded yet. If you want to upgrade the power, you can enter the youtube channle "RCINFORMER " and see how our pilot upgrade the power with other motors.

by FMS 1 years and 7 months ago ago 0

The battery specs say 6S 5000mA 45C. Would it be possible to use 6S 5700mA 30C packs on this model?
2 years and 7 months ago ago by Antsis

Yes I fly mine with a 6s 45c 5500mah battery and have no problem.Some batteries are bigger than others, it could depend on that.

by tonymrc! 1 years and 6 months ago ago 0

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