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FMS 2000mm (78.7") DH-2 Beaver PNP (Float is not included)
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FMS Beaver 2000m

The new, giant FMS Beaver 2000mm combines stunning beauty and realism with upgrades, updated technology, and new features. The largest propeller aircraft offered in the FMS line is a giant scale gem that offers incredible value.

Not only does it look fantastic, the Beaver performs superbly. The thrust force can reach more than 5000g, the flying weight is only 3800g. With a classic, elegant black and yellow trim scheme, the Beaver combines breath-taking visuals with its impressive performance specs.  Capable of leisurely low and mid-speed flight, this model still maintains surprising aerobatic qualities.

Easier than ever.
With the latest multi-connect technology, FMS has streamlined the wiring system, making it easier to install and eliminating wiring problems. Easier plane transport is facilitated by the new connectors that allow pilots to remove and replace wings with just one step. All channels on each wing are brought together in one port. The customers can install the main wing set simply by inserting the port and then securing with four screws.

Night Flyer.
To make flying the Beaver more fun at night, there are 5 LED lights. Light up the night with LEDs located in front of the main wing set and at the rear of the fuselage.

Scale detail.
The aileron and flap are to scale. The latest EPO52 foam material as well as the hollow main wing greatly alleviates the airplane weight.

Electric retracts and floats are available to add to the package. These retracts will make your model ready to tow banners and gliders. With optional floats, the Beaver’s high-powered motor is ready to be put to the test of a water take off.

-Multi-connector for easy assembly
-Lighter EPO 52 foam
-Metal landing gear designed for hard landings
-Scaled LED night lights
-Large tires for any surface
-Servo box design for easy assembly & disassembly
-Scaled flaps
-Newly developed lightweight hollow main wing
-Oversized battery hatch for 6s battery and 15 minutes of flying time
-Optional upgrades

The DHC-2 Beaver is a general purpose bush plane developed by de Havilland Canada. Though originally used for cargo/passenger hauling and crop dusting, it was also adopted by the United States Armed Forces as a utility aircraft and search and rescue unit. The single-engine, high-wing, propeller-driven STOL aircraft appeared in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars and was popular among front line men. When production finally ceased in 1967, only 1,657 DHC-2 Beavers had been built.

Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Wingspan 2000mm/ 78.7in
Overall Length 1304mm/ 51.3in
Flying Weight around 3,800G
Motor Size brushless 4258-KV550
Servo 17G Metal Digital *6
Radio 6 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 70-75mm (from leading edge)
Prop Size 15*9, 2 blades propeller
Recommended Battery Lopo 22.2V 4000mah
Aileron Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Retracts Yes
Approx. Flying Duration No
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level No
Recommended Environment Outdoor
Assembly Time No
Is Assembly Required No
Material Durable EPO
Package Options PNP
Requires PNP Requires Radio System, Battery and Charger

Pros: Easy to assemble. Part fit is excellent. multi-connection port is a huge plus, and makes mounting and removing wings effortless. Easy to Fly, and flies beautifully. Had to add very little trim out of the box. As much as 25 minute run time using a 5500 mAh 6s Lipo and just cruising around.

Cons: Manual has some discrepancies on the screw sizes noted do not match the inventory descriptions. Not enough of the black screws; too many silver screw - had to use one silver screw to mount LG legs which are black. Foam-filled tires are too hard, and tend to bounce badly. Rubber air filled tires would do much better.

Overall: This is a well put together near giant scale foamy. And the best bang for the buck. I recommend this model for those wanting to fly something a bit bigger that the park flyers. A great intro towards giant scale. Get the manual fixed, and the screw set correct, and this is an all around 5 stars.
Hardware set did not contain screws as described in the manual. And 2 screws in a pack by themselves marked as "decoration" ?
Page 4 contents says: (Screws 4-PA2.6*10MM, 5-HKM3.0*25MM)
Page 5 says (HKM3.0*10mm)
Page 6 says (HKM3.0x26mm) and (HKM3.0x32mm)
Page 8 says (HKM3.0x26mm)
I was able to easily assemble the model. Fit of the flying surfaces was absolutely perfect. Everything is neatly assembled, and of high quality.
Aileron set up was a bit strange. Seemed backwards. reversed aileron channel in radio, and had better results.
Overall I love the looks of this foamy. No, it isn't scale, and it does not promise to be. But it's close enough. I can't wait to take it out for it's maiden.
Fix the Manual and get the hardware package right, and this would have recieved 5 stars.
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Most Recent Questions
Can I put Skis on this plane?
1 years ago by bearfeet

Hi Bearfeet,

The Skis is not suitable for the 2000mm Beaver.

by FMS 12 months ago 0

can the rudder servo in the floats be replaced?
1 years and 4 months ago ago by eagleye

Yes, the servo in the floats can be replaced.
The floats has two version. You need to find the spot to cut the foam in the previous version. If your float is the new version, you just cut according to the cover.It is recommended to fix the cover with silica gel after replacing the servo, and be waterproof.

by FMS 1 years and 4 months ago ago 0

Hi all. Has anyone a scheme how to connect the servo's for flaps and ailerons to those big connectors in the wing? And is there a possibility to connect the lights in a way that the can be switch by my transmitter on a free channel
2 years ago by Metssr

Colleagues! Why contact with a double CH5 wire? What is he responsible for? : It is a pity that there is no possibility to attach a photo.
2 years and 9 months ago ago by skitalec

Does the black paint cause a problem with the foam or heating problems?
2 years and 9 months ago ago by Jwise

Dear customer,

We've not received any issue of the problem of the black paint. We've tested the plane under circumstances of different temperature.

by Silvia 2 years and 9 months ago ago 0

can you put a 3 blade prop on this plane?
2 years and 9 months ago ago by sharp

The 2 blades propeller standard equipped,. We are very sorry that we don't have proper 3 blade prop for the Beaver.

by Silvia 2 years and 9 months ago ago 0

Page 14 in the manual for the FMS 2000MM Beaver says the High Rate up/down travel for the ailerons is 24 mm, however the ailerons will only travel 20 mm up but will go 24 mm down. Is the manual wrong or is there problem with the up travel of the ailerons?
3 years and 1 months ago ago by JMuchow

Are the servos for the flaps running opposite to each other, so that you can operate the flaps via Y-cable using just one rc-channel?
3 years and 1 months ago ago by SuperGGH

The flaps servos are connected with Y-cable that just uses one rc channel.

by Silvia 2 years and 9 months ago ago 0

What is the default settings on esc?
3 years and 3 months ago ago by Split s

View File2000mm Beaver    Size: (10.34 MB) 2000mm Beaver Manual
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