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FMS 70MM Yak 130 High Performance RED PNP
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Here comes the first of a new series of planes from FMS,
70mm Ducted Fan Yak130.

FMS has been committed to the development and production of propeller aircrafts for years, and we have never stopped enhancing our products from the year we were founded. Utilizing many of the new concepts from our propeller planes, FMS is upgrading and adding new and exciting Electric Ducted Fans to our lineup of planes.

The first in line for improvement is our NEW Yak130 featuring our new and improved 70mm fan unit. The craftsmanship that has gone into this model began with the initial concept prototype. After which, refinements were determined and implemented, bringing to you the most accurately defined Yak on the current market.

Some of the improvements and redesign include a plastic leading edge on the air inlet duct, providing a smooth flow of air into the duct while protecting the inlet from possible damage from a less than perfect landing. Everything, from the panel lines, cockpit interiors and scaled pilot down to the removable drop fuel tank are finely detailed. Even assembly has been redesigned to make your time in getting ready for flight quick and easy. There is a main spar tube that runs through the fuselage and wing to help strengthen the airframe which is then fastened with screws. The surface control horns and wires are preinstalled and utilize our ball link design making for very accurate flight control.

The overall performance has been a major consideration for the Yak, and using our latest 12-blade 70mm ducted fan, together with the Predator 2860-KV1850 motor, 70 AMP ESC has resulted in great power and speed with a 6S battery. The added bonus to this power system, is the sound this new 12 blade makes. You can hear the power it provides. The landing gear retract units use a 3.5 strut wire for support and strength for those less than perfect landings. All servos are pre-mounted and are our own digital design, making for precise maneuvers whether in high or low speed flight.

We have incorporated our new environmentally friendly water-based paint. The water-based paint has provided better spreadability and a glossier appearance. It can protect the fragile foam parts under any condition.

- Scaled appearance, with pilot, oil tank, retractable landing gear
- Powerful inner running motor with latest 70mm 12 blades ducted plus the high quality Predator 70A ESC
- Metal digital servos for better controlling capacity
- Retractable front and rear landing gear
- Function Flaps
- Ball link design
- Button type canopy, set free from fall-off problem
- The simplified assembly structure of main wing set
- Water-based paint for better color and gloss

Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Wingspan 800mm
Overall Length 1060mm
Flying Weight 1900g
Motor Size 2860KV1850
Servo 9G SERVOS*8
Radio 6 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 80-85MM
Prop Size /
Recommended Battery 22.2V 2600-3300MAH 35C
Aileron Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Retracts Yes
Approx. Flying Duration 5 MIN
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level Intermediate
Recommended Environment Outdoor
Assembly Time 30 minutes
Is Assembly Required Yes
Material Durable EPO
Package Options PNP
Requires PNP Requires Radio System, Battery and Charger

Very nice looking plane. Good quality. Great sound. A bit scary when you first fly it but handles nicely. Comes in quite fast when you land. All in all very pleased with this purchase. Good work FMS. Looking keenly at the futura
No big deal assembling this FMS ship & all went together without issue. A little challenging dealing with all the servo leads but there was plenty of room in the cavity under the turtle deck to shove all the wires & Rx into. Did the main Tx (DX9) programming beforehand so it was just a matter of confirming controls were operating correctly & then bench trimming all surfaces for the Maiden.

Did notice a small void along the seam of the fuse where the red & white colors meet near the left intake. Not sure what happened there. Looks like some glue ate away the EPO foam. That's the reason for 4 stars for Quality.

Tail dragger sport planes & 3D ships are all I normally fly so this was a completely different flight experience for me. Anyway, first takeoff was smooth & gradual using partial takeoff flaps. Gained some altitude & raised the gear & flaps. Once airborne, she needed lots of up-trim. Not sure if it was the battery placement or if I didn’t bench trim the elevator level with the fuse line. Turned out it was a little of both.

For the first flight I some circle circuits getting a feel for jet propulsion vs. prop thrust. Very different. Pulled some vertical climb outs, axial rolls, split S’s, Cuban 8’s & loops. Could tell that the throws weren’t enough for my liking so I flipped over to mid- (recommended high) rates in the manual. She was much more responsive & didn’t eat up so much sky while maneuvering. She really flew like she was on rails and carved up the sky on mid-rates. Have to say I'm very impressed with this ship and how she handles.

Satisfied with the first flight it was time to bring her down. I brought her around and dropped the gear & landing flaps on the downwind leg. No surprises & no pitching up of the nose. Kept a moderate, not too fast, airspeed & did the continuous arc base leg (Military) turn to final & descended very close to the beginning of the runway, meaning I didn’t set up far out at all. To my surprise, first landing was uneventful. Hit the mains, lowered the nose & she rolled out & slowed without any problems or bouncing.

So now I've got a keen interest in this FMS Yak-130 to find out what she can do aerobatically since I mostly fly hardcore 3D prop & sport planes. Just need more stick time on this Yak to find out what she's really capable of handling. Nicely done FMS!
Paul AKA SpeedfreakNZ
Assembled quickly, only needed small adjustments made to its control surfaces and landing gear steering to get everything centered. Stress free maiden flight with only four clicks of up trim required, plenty of power for big loops and easy enough to land. I found take offs good on a well kept grass strip helped by using half flap reducing the Yaks tendency to jump off the strip suddenly. Built for experienced flyers for sure but still easy enough to fly if you have experience with models with a higher wing loading. I used a 3000mah 6 cell 40c battery that fits nicely in the battery bay that gives me a solid 3 minutes of mixed flight with a nice safety margin left at the end. Needed some down trim mixed in with the flaps to compensate for the pitching up effect when using them, I ended up with 8% at half flap and 16% at full flap. I would strongly suggest checking the nut holding the fan on to the motor, mine came of the second flight making for a tricky dead stick landing, luckily there was no damage to the fan blades. All in all, a great EDF jet, well done FMS for taking your models to the next level.
This plane needs no improving, it has great speed, great handling, great looks, great sound. Flies really easily (if you have some experience as its not for a novice) and lands like a trainer, just faster!!
Great new paint job and it is super lite new foam and with quality metal retracts.
5 Stars!!
My first EDF was a Freewing Rebel. It was fun and handled well, but I was not in love with the way it flew. As a result, I almost gave up on EDFs. On whim, however, I decided to order the the FMS 70mm Yak 130. It had many good reviews and it appeared to handle grass fields well, which is what I need.
Now that I have flown the Yak, I am in love with EDFs. It is fast and incredibly responsive. I found it to maneuver almost as well as a prop plane. With the Rebel, there was always a small amount of lag time in its turns or climb and decent, as many jets have. This is not so with the Yak.
I am also incredibly impressed by the the amount of power this plane has. It can easily power through a slightly rough grass field and gets off in a hurry. And landing? Very forgiving for an EDF. If you are a decent intermediate pilot, you will have no problem handling this plane. It has a huge flight envelope. First flight, I flew around at half speed until I was comfortable with it, but second flight, I went full tilt for almost the whole flight it is that stable.
If you are thinking of getting one, don't hesitate. You won't regret it. I like the plane so much, I have already ordered the 70mm Avanti from FMS.
Oh, and the service? Fantastic! Silvia has been such a big help for all of my questions and requests. Brilliant lady to deal with.
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Where do you locate the receiver on the FMS Yak 130? There isn't a lot of room under the canopy.
1 years and 1 months ago ago by Wildman RC

When is the yak fuselage in stock?
1 years and 5 months ago ago by ECKI

¿Can I use a Li-ion battery 3.5AH 22.2V 120W ENDURANCE with this airplane?
2 years and 4 months ago ago by fpalme

Should work but you need additional weight at the tail. I dont use such battery but it will be about 30gramms.

by AmiPoke 1 years and 10 months ago ago 0

is the CG of 80 mm realy corect?
2 years and 4 months ago ago by manfred

The CG is correct.
If you use a 6S 3000 to 3300, put the battery as much as possible to the tail and it will work great.

by AmiPoke 1 years and 10 months ago ago 0

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