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FMS 90mm Super Scorpion Orange PNP
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Inspired by the features of 70mm Super Scorpion, the higher level 90mm Super Scorpion is coming!

Super Scorpion is a collaborative venture bringing together original design and authorization from the Aviation Design Team from France with cutting-edge production methods from FMS in China.

The 90mm Super Scorpion keeps all superior features of the prior 70mm Super Scorpion, while improving the model structure, and adding a flap function. When working with the new power system, it performs excellently whether high-speed flying or standard-speed flying. In addition, it features the CNC-processed shock-absorbed metal landing gear set, a 50mm diameter front wheel and 68mm diameter rear wheels, these are excellent for taking off and landing on both paved and grass surface airfields.

The coming 90mm Super Scorpion is another example of FMS’ quality. Incorporating many new and advanced construction and assembly features such as the optimized screw-based assembly, ball links and the new multi-connect technology, the Super Scorpion will assemble quickly. In addition, the power system utilizes our 90mm 12-blade EDF and the 3546-KV1900 motor system provides tremendous power and speed when coupled with a 6S battery. The vibrant orange color scheme makes this airplane look fantastic on the ground and in the air...
No matter whether you’ve had a Super Scorpion before or not, the coming FMS 90mm Super Scorpion is full of surprises.

1. 90mm 12-blade EDF, 3546-KV1900 motor system
2. High-quality Predator 130A ESC with 10A UBEC (external)
3. CNC-processed shock-absorbed metal landing gear set helps to withstand those less-than-perfect landings.
4. Dia. 50mm front wheel and Dia. 68mm rear wheels
5. Excellent Sound Effect.
6. Function Flaps
7. Metal Servos for excellent controlling capacity
8. Multi-connector for easy assembly and disassembly
9. Pre-installed, newly designed ball link style control horns for more throw
10. No glue required. Screw-together construction
11. Environmentally friendly water-based paint for better color and gloss

Additional Information

Wingspan 1140mm/45.20in
Overall Length 1319mm/52.93in
Flying Weight Around 3200g
Motor Size Brushless 3546-KV1900 Motor
ESC 130A
Servo 13g Metal analog servo*5 17g Digital metal servo*4
Radio 7 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 168-173mm (From leading Edge)
Prop Size /
Recommended Battery Li-Po 22.2V 5000mAh 45C
Aileron Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Retracts Yes
Approx. Flying Duration 4 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level Expert
Recommended Environment Outdoor
Assembly Time No
Is Assembly Required Yes
Material Durable EPO
Package Options PNP
Requires PNP Requires Radio System, Battery and Charger

This 90mm Sport Jet from FMS takes edf's to a new level. I was surprised by the feel of quality throughout the plane. No squeaks or rattles as it rolls along the runway, very smooth operation of every servo, velvety power from the fan and motor and a highly visible paint scheme to boot. On the down side, no lighting of any kind. I would have given this jet five stars, if they had been included. Flying the Super Scorpion is a dream. No bad tendencies. Very predictable. Power is impressive. Going vertical is no problem. Top speeds on a calm day, straight and level, easily toped 100 mph. The plane will handle anything you throw at it. Landings are easy and slow. The plane has a tendency to hop and porpoise on landing, if you don't flare, to scrub off any excess speed before touch down. I am able to prevent this by leveling out about a foot off of the runway, chopping the power, then holding it off of the ground until about stall, touching down on the mains. Tip: Only use full flaps on a calm day. The plane CG's well. I use 6S 4000-5000 mah 50-60C packs, positioned forward in the battery bay. I don't know of another edf capable of offering everything this one does. It's a winner in my book.
Looks awesome on the ground and in the air. With a 6S 5000 mAh lipo slid all the way forward in the battery compartment, it flies fantastic with no bad tendencies and lots of power for takeoffs and almost unlimited vertical climbs . Great quality landing gear and servos. The only downside I've noticed is the rod from the front servo to the front landing gear bends and will give you a little control problem when taking off and landing in grass.
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Most Recent Questions
Where do I plug the EUBC in?
10 months ago by timocarp

You plug the UBEC in any open channel

by Mr. Blaze 2 months ago 0

Where do I plug the EUBC into?
10 months ago by timocarp

Hi Timocarp,
Is the UBEC? Just connect to any channel of the receiver.

by FMS 10 months ago 0

Hello, can I put string around the wing tube then slide the wings on and lift airplane up to get good cg? even though I'm using a place balancer it seems the tail is heavy and to level it out I get a cg location of about 170.
1 years ago by larry s

Hi Larry. We've sent you an email about his issue. Please kindly have a check.

by FMS 1 years ago 0

with the recommended battery and CG (150 to 160mm from wing leading edge), the plane is very tail heavy. is the CG 150mm from the intake or the wing leading edge ?
1 years and 8 months ago ago by Raed

Hi, I fly with an 6000mah 60-130c battery and find it’s all good for 4mins , my cog is around 130mm leading edge , but I need too land it with full flaps on smooth feild , otherwise it want too land and bounce, with a bit off speed

by Fishy23 1 years and 1 months ago ago 0

FMS 90mm Super Scorpion what is the diameter of axial of main wheels 4 or 5mm diameter? Thanks Don
1 years and 9 months ago ago by Don

Hi Don,

The shaft that holds the wheel on is 5.0mm, the bearing connects to the retract is 4.0mm.

by Silvia 1 years and 9 months ago ago 0

What are the recommended flap settings? None are listed in manual.
1 years and 10 months ago ago by Bhodi11

Hi, mine are set at 2 stages, , 1st is around half way then my 2nd is set about 90% with the end points, just set it too the point where u don’t have any servo noise from stressing it to max end point

by Fishy23 1 years and 1 months ago ago 0

View FileFMS 90mm Super Scorpion Manual    Size: (2.29 MB)
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