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FMS 9g Digital Metal Gear Servo

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FMS 9g Digital Metal Gear Servo

Additional Information

Cont. Current No
Burst Current No
Dimension No
Weight (Including wires and plugs) No
Battery cell NiXX/Lipo No
Battery Plug No
Motor Plug No

ZTW A-Series’s ESC allows you to program all functions to fit your specific needs, which makes it very efficient and user friendly:
1.User programmable brake setting (we recommend using brake for only folding props applications)
2.User programmable battery type(LiPo or NiCd/NiMh)
3.User programmable low voltage cutoff setting
4.User programmable factory default setup restore  
5.User programmable timing settings (to enhance ESC efficiency and smoothness)
6.User programmable soft acceleration start ups (for delicate gearbox and helicopter applications)
7.User programmable governor mode (for helicopter applications)
8.User programmable motor rotation(clockwise\counterclockwise)
9.User programmable switching frequency
10.User programmable low voltage cutoff type (power reduction or immediate shutdown)

1.Brake: ON/OFF
* ON- Sets the propeller to the brake position when the throttle stick is at the minimum position (Recommended for folding props).
* OFF- Sets the propeller to freewheel when the throttle stick is at the minimum position.
2.Battery type: LiPo or NiCad/NiMh
* NiCad/NiMH – Sets Low Voltage protection threshold for NiCad/NiMH cells.
* LiPo – Sets Low voltage protection threshold for LiPo cells and automatically detects the number of cells within the pack.
Note: Selecting the NiCad/NiMH option for the battery type, triggers the ESC to automatically set the cutoff threshold to the factory default of 60%. The cutoff threshold can then be subsequently altered through the Low Voltage protection function, if required. The ESC will read the initial voltage of the NiCad/NiMh pack once it is plugged in and the voltage read will then be used as a reference for the cutoff voltage threshold.
3.Low Voltage Protection Threshold ( Cutoff Threshold ):
Low / Medium / High
1) For Li-xx packs- number of cells are automatically calculated and requires no user input apart from defining the battery type. This ESC provides 3 setting options for the low voltage protection threshold ; Low (2.8V)/ Medium (3.0V)/ High (3.2V). For example : the voltage cutoff options for an 11.1V/ 3 cell Li-Po pack would be 8.4V (Low)/ 9.0V(Med)/ 9.6V(High)
2) For Ni-xx packs-low / medium / high cutoff voltages are 50%/60%/65% of the initial voltage of the battery pack.. For example: A fully charged 6 cell NiMh pack’s voltage is 1.44V x 6=8.64V,when “LOW” cutoff voltage is set, the cutoff voltage is: 8.64V x 50%=4.3V and when “Medium” of “High” is set, the cutoff voltage is now 8.64V X 65%=5.61V.
4. Restore factory setup defaults:
   Restore- Sets the ESC back to factory default settings;
   Brake:                            OFF
   Battery type Detect:              LiPo with Automatic Cell
   Low voltage Cutoff threshold:     Medium (3.0V/60%)
Timing Setup:                     Automatic
Soft Acceleration Start Up:        Soft Acceleration
Governor Mode :                  RPM OFF
Frequency :                       8kHz
Low Voltage Cutoff Type:          Reduce power
5.Timing Setup :  Automatic/ Low / High.
*  Automatic (7-30 deg) – ESC automatically determines the optimum motor timing
*  Low (7-22 deg) – Setting for most 2 pole motors.
*  High(22-30 deg)-setting for motors with 6 or more poles.
In most cases, automatic timing works well for all types of motors. However for high efficiency we recommend the Low timing setting for 2 pole motors (general in-runners) and high timing for 6 poles and above (general out-runners). For higher speed, High timing can be set. Some motors require different timing setups therefore we suggest you to follow the manufacturer recommended setup or use the automatic timing setting if you are unsure.
Note: Run your motor on the ground first after making any changes to your motor timing!
6.Soft Acceleration Start ups: Very Soft / Soft Acceleration/ Start Acceleration
* Very Soft – Provides initial slow 1.5 sec ramp-up from start to full rpm intended to protect delicate gears from stripping under instant load. This setting is recommended for either fixed wing models equipped with gearboxes and / or helicopters.
* Soft Acceleration- Provides initial slow 1 sec ramp-up from start to full rpm. This setting is recommended for either fixed wing models equipped with gearboxes and or helicopters.  
* Start Acceleration – Provides quick acceleration start ups with a linear throttle response. This is recommended for fixed wing models fitted with direct drive setups.
7.Active RPM Control (Heli Governor mode)
* RPM Control OFF
* First Range:  There will be a 5-second delay from start to full rpm,  but if the throttle is cutoff after starting, then the next start will be as normal start.
* Second Range: There will be a 15-second delay from start to full rpm, but if the throttle is cutoff after starting, then the next start will be as normal start.
Note: Once the Governor Mode is enabled, the ESC’s Brake and Low Voltage Cutoff Type settings will automatically be reset to Brake Off and Reduce Power respectively regardless of what settings they were previously set.
8.Motor Rotation: Forward/ Reverse
In most cases motor rotation is usually reversed by swapping two motor wires. However, in cases where the motor cables have been directly soldered the ESC cables, motor rotation can be reversed by changing the value of setting on the ESC.
9.Switching Frequency : 8kHz/16kHz
* 8kHz – Sets ESC switching frequency for 2 pole motors, e.g. in-runners.
* 16kHz – Sets ESC switching frequency for motors with more than 2 poles, e.g. out-runners.
Although 16kHz is more efficient with our Thrust motors, the setup
default is 8kHz due to the higher RF noises caused at 16kHz.
10.Low Voltage Cutoff Type : Reduce Power / Hard cutoff
* Reduce Power – ESC reduces motor power when the pre-set Low Voltage Protection Threshold value is reached. (recommended)
* Hard Cutoff – ESC instantly cuts motor power when the pre-set Low Voltage Protection Threshold value is reached.

Programming Mode Audible Tones
Programming Mode Audible Tones ESC Functions
           Throttle Calibration                                         
(within the first 4 Sec )●●  ●●  ●●  ●●
1              Brake
            _ *  _ *  _ *   _ *   Brake On /Off
2               Battery type                             
            ~  ~  ~  ~   NiCad
        ~~   ~~   ~~   ~~   LiPo
3          Low Voltage Cutoff Threshold                     
      *_ _*  *_ _*  *_ _*  *_ _*   Low2.8V/50%
 *_ _ _*  *_ _ _*  *_ _ _*  *_ _ _*  Medium3.0V/60%
*_ _ _ _* *_ _ _ _* *_ _ _ _* *_ _ _ _*   High3.2V/65%
4      Restore Factory Setup Defaults                        
             —  — — —   Restore
5             Timing Setup                       
 –  –  –  –   Automatic (7-30°)
         ––  ––  ––  ––   Low (7-22°)
     –––  –––  –––  –––   High (22-30°)
6           Soft Acceleration Start Ups                        
         ∨∨ ∨∨ ∨∨ ∨∨   Very Soft
           ∨  ∨  ∨  ∨   Soft Acceleration
    ∨∨∨  ∨∨∨  ∨∨∨  ∨∨∨   Start Acceleration
7            Governor Mode                                
           _*_  _*_  _*_  _*_   Rpm off
         _**_  _**_  _**_  _**_  Heli first range
       _***_  _***_  _***_  _***_  Heli second range
8             Motor Rotation                        
            W  W  W  W   Forward/ Reverse
9           Switching Frequency                           
            //  //  //  //   8kHz
            \\  \\  \\  \\   16kHz
10         Low Voltage Cutoff Type                                 
          _ˉ_ˉ_ˉ_ˉ   Reduce Power
         ˉ_ ˉ_ ˉ_ ˉ_   Hard Cut Off

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Could I ask what the difference between positive and reverse options ? Thanks
1 years and 1 months ago ago by Apriliamgt

Hi, One works clockwise and one counterclockwise.

by FMS 1 years and 1 months ago ago 0

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