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FMS F/A-18F Super Hornet 70mm EDF Jet PNP(with upgraded 3060-1900KV motor)
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New from ROC HOBBY (by FMS), the new and highly detailed F/A-18F Super Hornet.


The F/A-18F Super Hornet is a tandem-seat, carrier-capable, multirole fighter and attack aircraft based on the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet. Designed and initially produced by McDonnell Douglas, the Super Hornet first flew in 1995. The Super Hornet entered service with the United States Navy in 1999, replacing the Grumman F-14 Tomcat, which was retired in 2006; the Super Hornet serves alongside the original Hornet.


ROC HOBBY is proud to bring you this new and highly detailed 70mm ducted fan F/A-18F Super Hornet. Incorporating many of the new and advanced construction and assembly features such as the optimized screw based assembly, pre-installed ball links and a heavy-duty wing spar, the super hornet is quick to assemble and disassemble. Based on the original 64mm F/A-18 Hornet, the 70mm F/A-18F Super Hornet features rich details, clean lines, CNC-machined shock-absorbed landing gear sets, and a button-type canopy hatch. Included with the model are four decal sets that allows you to make your own Super Hornet and stand out in your airfield.


The power system, which provides tremendous thrust and speed, utilizes our new and improved 70mm 12-blade EDF V2, KV1900 motor system. This brawny system, when coupled with a 6S battery, provides a resonating turbine engine sound.


The EPO material ensures the durability. The environmentally friendly water-based paint ensures vibrant and glossy color schemes. The significant input of the basic materials makes this airplane fantastic.


Go get the Super Hornet and discover for yourself this new addition to ROC HOBBY’ growing EDF fleet.


Key Features:
• High quality 80A ESC, powerful KV1900 inner running motor with the latest 70mm 12-blade EDF V2
• CNC-machined shock-absorbed landing gear sets
• Screw-together construction
• Button type canopy hatch
• Pre-installed, newly designed ball link style control horns for more throw.
• A set of 4 different decals so you can customize yourself.



Additional Information

Wingspan 875mm
Overall Length 1186mm
Flying Weight Around 2100g
Motor Size 3060-KV1900
Servo 9g metal digital servo *9
Radio 6 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 60-70mm from the leading edge of Main Wing
Prop Size 70mm Ducted Fan (12-blade)
Recommended Battery 6S 3300mAh 35C
Aileron Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Retracts Yes
Approx. Flying Duration 3-5 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level Intermediate
Recommended Environment Outdoor
Assembly Time 30 minutes
Is Assembly Required Yes
Material Durable EPO
Package Options PNP
Requires PNP Requires Radio System, Battery and Charger

I now have 3 of these in different liveries. I have made the all black Jolly Roger, the Black Aces and the standard as sold in the box. All three are great airplanes. I would suggest that you check the landing gear set screws and make sure they are tight. I placed a bid of lock-tite into the screws after a couple landing and then the strut decided to realeas and ver to the left. Not good if you like to keep you airplane pristine. The plane needs to be landed with a 5 degree or better alpha to set first on the mains. This can be accomplished with about 15 percent throttle and about 25 percent flaps. The plane likes about 25 percent flaps for take off. I highly recommend a gyro for this bird. Not that it has bad charter but, it is very responsive and bye using a gyro it helps look like a realy plane in the air. If you just want a plane for yank and bank then leave the gyro turned off. I just love these planes and give it a very high rating. The EDF's they use give it plenty of power to fly. Take offs are about 50' and beyond. If you like scale like I do then the longer the take off the better the scale look. The paint is well done as well as the skin, so repainting it with a water based enamel works great and easy. Callie Graphics has all the decals needed to do most liveries.
I have 2 of these, so yes I love them. Great flying bird, well built, and oustanding quality. The best f18 on the market period! Great job FMS!
I have been flying EDF jets for more than five years now and I must say this is one of the most durable ones that I have flown. I have had a couple of very hard landings and this jet has been able to take with them with very little damage. I recommend this plane to anyone looking to get into EDF jets. It flies great and comes with plenty of power right out of the box. My only recommendation would be to look at swapping out the tires. They are a little too rubbery which makes the plane bounce on landings.

Tolles Modell ich verwende es aber per Handstart ohne Fahrwerk und Raketen.
super Sound schönes flugbild
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Most Recent Questions
Hi I have got the Yak-130 and I have just ordered the F-18 70mm. I want to make the cockpit more detailed I was hoping you could tell me the scale or size of the pilot. Thank you
30 days ago by DJ

Hi I was wondering what the top speed in a straight line is? Thanks!
8 months ago by Paul

Does this require any glue to assemble?
10 months ago by Jim

Hi Jim,
The elevator need the glue to assemble.

by FMS 10 months ago 0

What is the difference between this model (FMS100P) vs the model FMM102P? If any? I couldn't seem to find any differences.
1 years ago by Acook

Hi Acook,

Both are the popular models. The F16 is relatively light. You can choose as you like.

by FMS 12 months ago 0

Will this plane take off on short well groomed grass?
1 years and 2 months ago ago by drottman300

Yes, it can take off on the grass.

by FMS 1 years and 2 months ago ago 0

What is the recommended amount of throw for the flaps for takeoff and landing? 80%? 60%?
1 years and 3 months ago ago by HMan

What is the length and width of the canopy and are spare canopies available? What is the cost of each?
1 years and 6 months ago ago by Lee

Hi Lee,
The canopy is available in stock now. It cost $20.99. You can find it in the parts section of the model details page.

by FMS 1 years and 6 months ago ago 0

What connection is required on the battery? EC5 or XT-60
1 years and 8 months ago ago by Tristan


by John 1 years and 8 months ago ago 0

Please advise..... Any problem with using a 6S 4000 Pack in the Hornet
1 years and 10 months ago ago by BC

I use a 6 Cell 5000 pack

by John 1 years and 8 months ago ago 0

Can I run a 6s 4000ah battery in this plane.?
1 years and 10 months ago ago by Roger

I use a 6 cell 5000 pack

by John 1 years and 8 months ago ago 0

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