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New FMS Stainless Steel Thermal Flask-Orange

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New FMS Stainless Steel Thermal Flask
◾Internal copper plating, designed for healthy usage and easy cleaning.
◾Impressive heat preservation
◾After pouring boiling water (100°C) into the flask and sealing the lid, the temperature after 6 hours was recorded
   at 70°C give or take 5°C), according to the industrial water temperature meter conducted in Shanghai, October at room
   temperature 20°C.
◾Even after 12 hours, the temperature remained high at 50°C (give or take 5°C).
◾Please feel free to check this yourself.
◾Screw-on cup makes this flask convenient to carry.

Concerns about leakage and taint:
◾It is an unfortunate inevitability that the machines used to create such a high standard of insulation will leave a
   slight metallic taste or smell in the flask. Please do not worry. This is a normal phenomenon with all high-quality
   thermal flasks. However, it can easily be removed by allowing it to stand for a few hours with boiling water inside.
◾Condensation escaping from the flask plug can sometimes lead to moisture building up around the surface of the cup
  once the cup cover is opened. Don’t worry about this; it is not leakage.
◾After pouring water, the flask may still retain some water from the cup plug screw. Thus, when tightening the plug again, 
   you may notice some water escaping. Again, please don’t worry; it is not leakage. 


Instructions for use
◾Wash before first use. Never wash with a scouring pad.
◾Every time after use, clean and dry.
◾To extend the life of the product, do not store carbon acid beverages in the flask for a long period of time.
◾Avoid burns: Do not touch close to the heat source.
◾Keep well away from children.
◾Tilt slowly and be cautious when testing the temperature of the liquid.
◾Don’t use whilst driving.
◾Don’t place onto machines with intense vibration or shaking.
◾Do not pour boiling water onto the cover or lid to avoid deformation.
◾Do not soak in water when cleaning.

Open the lid slowly and with caution. Keep face away when unscrewing the flask plug.


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