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Predator 60A ESC (Without BEC)

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Predator 60A ESC (Without BEC)

How to Program the ESC:

1. Power on your Transmitter

2. Set the Throttle stick all the way up to a 100%

3. Power on your aircraft. 

4. Wait about 2 seconds in and you will hear 1 beeps, immediately after the first beep, bring your throttle stickall the way down to 0%.

5. You will hear a singleinitializing beep. 

6. Power down you Aircraft then Transmitter.

7. Power on your Transmitter first then the Aircraft and you should be all set.If the ESC still doesn’t work,please try to restore the ESC: Repeat the “How to calibratesetting” but the restoring step holds more audible tone accounts, please refersto ESC manual to set the ESC, every signal means a tone in the manual. Forexample, the mark “ *_ _ _*” means a tone. When you hear the forth tone in therestore step, bring your throttle stick all the way down to 0%.

Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Dimension (mm) No
Weight (not including connectors) No
Voltage (S) No
Max Current (A) No
Length of Front Shaft (mm) No
Lamination Thickness (mm) No
Magnet Type No
Kv (rpm/v) No
Max Current (A) No
Resistance (mh) No
Max Voltage (V) No
Power (W) No
Shaft A (mm) No
Length B (mm) No
Diameter C (mm) No
Can Length D (mm) No
Total Length E (mm) No
Items No
Reference Picture No
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